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Simple set up for you and your team

For only £9.95, you get access to the course for one person for 1 month. Or, you may wish to take slightly longer and pay a little more to access the course for two or three months. Add a course to your basket and continue shopping by selecting another course from 'E-learning' in the main menu.

If you want to invite colleagues or set up team members to do the same course, simply add the quantity of users when ordering. For each extra user, we will send a unique registration code to your dashboard which you can email to them at any time. You will be able to track their progress from your dashboard.

Your e-learning dashboard

Once you have registered and purchased a course, you can log in to your e-learning dashboard. Access your courses and track your progress, and that of any colleagues or team members you invite. Alternatively, you might like to become a group administrator.


Our clients include...

Our Clients include...

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