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Frequently Asked Questions


End users

Can I buy access to more than one course at a time?
Yes, simply add the course to your basket, then select another from the 'E-learning courses' menu item.

Can I change my password?

To change your password, login to your dashboard and select ‘My Profile’. You will need to complete all of your details in order to register a new password. If an administrator has set up your login details, it is advisable to change your password when you first login. 

How do I know if I have passed the course?

Login to your dashboard and select ‘My Reports.’ Here you will see a list of courses assigned to your account. The progress you have made on each course will show as ‘not started’, ‘incomplete’ or ‘complete’.

How do I print my certificate?
If you have completed the course and passed the assessment quiz, you will be given the option to save a certificate. Go to your dashboard and select ‘My Reports’. Next to your course, the status will read ‘Complete’ and show a new link to ‘Save your certificate’.

Select this link and a .pdf of your certificate will download to your PC. The certificate will contain your name, the course title and score.

Can I do part of the course now, then come back to it?

Yes, the course will resume where you left off so that you can complete the course when it is convenient.


E-learning administrators

I set the quantity to 10, when I purchased access to a course in the e-learning store. That's for myself and my 9 team members. How do they login to take the course?

Go to your dashboard and select 'registration codes'. There is one code for each user. Simply send one of the email invitations and your team member will receive a link to login and take the course.

The credit system looks really useful. How can I get this and how many can I buy at once?

Please message Pete who will tell you what is involved in being a group administrator for your organisation. There is no limit on the number of credits you can buy as a group administrator.

How do I top up my credits?

Contact us at any time and we will top them up for you.

When will my users receive the automated email?

The automated email goes out as soon as you do the import.

How do I delete users?

If you need to delete a user from your group, please message Marie who will action this for you.

Can I add new groups if I want to?

Yes, if you are a group administrator, you can contact us to add a new group into your dashboard.

I have imported a group of users, but have a new starter. Can I add them?

Yes, on your 'Import users' page, you can change the drop down menu 'Import type' to enter a single user.

Can I export more than one group at once?

No, you must export each group individually, unless you have users in more than one group and wish to export people who are in both group 1 and group 2.

Can I send out a reminder email?

At the time of writing, you will need to export the users who need a reminder, then send a group email from within your organisation.

If you have your own in house administrator, please contact them in the first instance.

You can contact our expert and friendly team of support professionals during office hours

(0900-1700 GMT), Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays in the UK.


Our clients include...

Our Clients include...

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