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Become an administrator


Purchase registration codes

The first way to become an administrator is by purchasing the course/s you want to give to your team from our e-learning store. Simply add the quantity of users who need access to the course. You will receive a set of registration codes in your administrator dashboard, which you can distribute as and when you require. Don't forget to look at our pricing for larger groups of users. You will be able to track their progress from the dashboard.

Become a group administrator

Becoming a group administrator enables you to set up training for different groups, e.g. IT, HR, Accounts. You will be able to export reports for each group separately. You will have an extra button - 'Import users' - added to your learning dashboard. 

Please message Pete's team or call +44 (0) 20 3859 4308 if you would be interested in becoming a group administrator.

Import users directly via your dashboard

Users can be imported as a group, with an automated custom email, or you can add single users when they require training. Simply select the course/s you want to assign, add your user/s, decide whether to send an automated email and select 'import'.

Branded e-learning dashboard

You get the option to have a branded dashboard with your logo and colour scheme. Simply, send us your logo, group names and the two colours you would like to use on your dashboard. Custom text can be added to the dashboard to welcome your users and give them specific information about why they are undertaking the training. All of your users will have a customised learning experience specific to your organisation.

Skill Boosters credit system

By far the most flexible option for administrators, this option provides you with e.g. 200 credits which are assigned to your dashboard, along with a list of all available courses. Simply choose the course you want to assign, import your user/s and the credits will count down. This enables you to track how many credits you have used, and top up when necessary.

Please message Pete's team or call +44 (0) 20 3859 4308 if you would be interested in using the Skill Boosters credit system.

Our clients include...

Our Clients include...

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