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Choose a course: Well-being

Get that job
Making staff redundant is never easy, but there’s a lot you can do to help outgoing employees to move on confidently. Developed in partnership with leading providers of career management, coaching and outplacement solutions CEPEC, this course helps staff develop the skills they need for the job search process.
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Mental health in the workplace: good practice
Knowing how to support the good mental health of your staff is key to having a productive and happy workforce that delivers for your organisation. This e-learning course sets out good practice for employers in managing employees’ mental well-being.
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Mental health in the workplace: overview
Mental ill health is now the most common cause of workplace sickness absence in the UK, costing employers billions of pounds every year in reduced productivity, poor service and recruitment costs. This course looks at the impact of poor mental health at work and explains why ensuring staff mental well-being should be a top priority for organisations across all sectors.
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The resilient mindset
Difficult times can have a huge impact on staff performance and well-being, but resilience training can help build a strong foundation for the future. Developed in partnership with leading business psychology company Robertson Cooper, this course helps your employees develop the skills they need to face times of uncertainty with confidence.
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Under pressure
Workplace stress is now a major cause of mental health problems and a huge cost for organiations. Devised by leading stress expert Professor Cary Cooper CBE, this course looks at some of the key triggers for stress and examines what we can do to support psychological wellbeing in the workplace.
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  • Drama scenarios

Our clients include...

Our Clients include...

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