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Choose a course: Communication

Assert yourself
Being able to assert yourself and communicate effectively is key to building good working relationships. This course takes an engaging look at how to develop confidence and communication skills to ensure positive outcomes from your interactions with others.
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Dealing with sensitive issues
Some issues in the workplace are particularly sensitive and need careful handling. Combining original drama with expert analysis, this course looks at how to approach and resolve some common issues in an effective way and offers advice on avoiding legal pitfalls.
  • Drama scenarios

Handling difficult conversations
Having the skills and confidence to handle difficult conversations with staff is an essential part of being an effective manager. This course aims to remove the fear factor from difficult conversations and show how the right approach can help turn that tough talk into a constructive dialogue.
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  • Drama scenarios

Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an approach to conversations that empowers both helpers and those they help. The approach brings with it a wealth of easily learned and adaptable techniques that will enhance your skills, in any professional context.
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The write way
Emails, letters, reports, proposals – whatever your people write, it needs to be clear, properly structured, and free from spelling and grammar mistakes. Poor written communications can damage your organisation’s credibility and reduce your ability to communicate effectively with your chosen audience. This e-learning course shows how to structure and draft professional written communications that enhance your reputation and deliver results.
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Types of problem behaviour
Being able to spot and tackle certain common types of problem behaviour can mean the difference between a workforce that’s plagued by poor staff dynamics, stress and absenteeism and one that’s happy, engaged and productive. With powerful drama and insight from leading workplace psychologists, this course looks at some common types of problem behaviour and how to address them effectively.
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  • Drama scenarios

Understanding problem behaviour
The stress and conflict caused by difficult behaviour is a major factor in poor performance and one of the last unmeasured costs for organisations. Combining powerful drama with insight from leading workplace psychologists, this course looks at the impact of problem behaviour and how to tackle it.
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  • Drama scenarios

Our clients include...

Our Clients include...

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