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At Skill Boosters, we provide high-quality diversity, equality and workplace e-learning courses to create an inclusive work culture where everyone can achieve their potential. Our online e-learning store makes it easy to browse our full range of courses and select the resources that meet your training needs.

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

Our suite of EDI resources examines the root causes of discrimination and supports compliance with the provisions of the Equality Act 2010, helping you to reap the full benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Course topics include: Age, Bullying, Disability, Maternity, Gender, Race, Religion.

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Unconscious bias

Developed with leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, our unconscious bias training explores the nature of bias and micro-behaviours and demonstrates how tackling these effectively can improve decision-making, recruitment and staff management at all levels of your organisation.

Course topics include: Unconscious bias, Micro-behaviours

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Our well-being range offers the complete e-learning solution to maximising potential and supporting a culture of good mental and physical health throughout your organisation.

Course topics include: Stress, Resilience, Career planning.

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Focusing on the skills that are crucial for leadership success in today’s diverse and dynamic workplace, these resources provide core skills training for new managers and team leaders.

Course topics include: Leadership skills, Performance appraisals, Managing social media.

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Being able to communicate effectively with others is an essential part of building good relations with colleagues and customers. This range of resources helps develop the key written and verbal communication skills necessary for today’s fast-paced and highly connected workplace.

Course topics include: Assertiveness, Sensitive issues, Difficult conversations, Problem behaviour, Written communication skills.

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This range of training resources looks at what organisations need to do to work effectively with the Bribery Act and the Data Protection Act and ensure full compliance with their legal obligations.

Course topics include: The Bribery Act, The Data Protection Act.

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We design, customise and deliver diversity and workplace training through our range of online e-learning courses, video resources, e-learning developer kits and trainer-led workshops. Go to our main website to decide which Skill Boosters training resources best suit your organisation.
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