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Choose a course: Leadership

Developing leadership skills
Any team leader or manager needs to be a decision-maker, communicator, mentor, motivator and coach, all rolled into one. This short course introduces new managers to the skills they need to build, manage and inspire their teams successfully.
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  • Drama scenarios

Performance appraisals
Staff performance appraisals are a key tool for identifying and developing core skills that will benefit both individual employees and your business as a whole. This short course shows how to conduct appraisal interviews and what you can do to optimise your performance appraisals process.
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  • Drama scenarios

Social media in the workplace
From Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to blogs, vlogs and YouTube, the use and misuse of social media by employees has serious implications for organisations in areas such as data protection, reputation management, cyber-bullying and defamation. This course provides employers with a comprehensive toolkit for managing staff use of social media.
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  • Drama scenarios

Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an approach to conversations that empowers both helpers and those they help. The approach brings with it a wealth of easily learned and adaptable techniques that will enhance your skills, in any professional context.
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Our clients include...

Our Clients include...

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