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Working with the Data Protection Act

Personal information and the need for data protection

Duration: 40 minutes

As we do more and more of our daily transactions online – shopping, downloading music and films, banking, or managing things like our tax or pensions – vast amounts of information about us is captured by a range of organisations, from hospitals and local councils to banks and online retailers. This information is known as ‘personal data’ and has special protection in law.

The Data Protection Act sets out what organisations need to do to ensure that the personal data they have is kept secure and used lawfully. Combining insightful drama around the risks to data security with contributions from UK data protection experts, this course sets out the main responsibilities for organisations that use personal data and explains what they need to do to comply with the law.

E-learning outcomes

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • the concept of personal data 
  • the core provisions of the Data Protection Act
  • the responsibilities of data controllers and data processors
  • some of the key risks to the security of personal data
  • the law regarding the collection, sharing and processing of personal data
  • the rules on the retention and disposal of personal data.

Course experts

  • James Mullock - Head of Data Law and Privacy, Osborne Clarke
  • Rupa Patel - Group Legal Counsel, BPP Professional Education Group

Video preview - Working with the Data Protection Act

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Our Clients include...

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